For Reggie - Jackson and Andre - Drummond, the Pistons coaching staff and management once had high hopes. Last season, relying on the excellent play of the two,  casquette chicago bulls, the Pistons after six years to return to the playoffs. Although the first round of the Cavaliers was swept out 4-0, but the youth army's vitality let people shines.

However, people count the day count, just a season later, the piston once again into the quagmire. Reggie because of knee injury, the whole season only played 52 games,   casquette lakers, the data also set a new three years to join the Pistons; as Drummond, signed a big contract with the Pistons, began to become hesitant, This season, he averaged 13.6 points and 13.8 rebounds, both data fell.

This season, the Pistons only made 37 wins and 45 losses, ranked 10th in the East, missed the playoffs. In the middle of the five teams, the Pistons record is the worst.  casquette spurs,  Even worse, the season, but also repeatedly came coach Stein Van Gundy in the locker room and the staff of the news of contradictions.

To know that, in order to revive the Pistons, the past two years, only in Reggie and Drummond's signing, the Pound spent as much as 210 million US dollars. But now it seems that the 2.1 billion, but did not give the piston to bring the desired return.

Fortunately, Reggie Jackson is 27 years old, casquette golden state warriors Drummond is only 23 years old, they are also in the fight when the year, once the two were put on the shelves, I believe there will be many teams interested.

Earlier, there have been rumors that the Spurs are looking for a young, powerful point guard, to fill Parker aging of the vacant, Reggie - Jackson is precisely the holy city interested players; In addition, there are many teams hope that this summer Reinforcement inside, especially to upgrade the inside defense, and Zhuang God is an ideal choice.