Minnesota Timberwolves are working with Andrew - Wiggins to discuss contract issues, boss Glenn - Taylor Wiggins ready to stand out from a five - year contract for up to $ 150 million.  casquette chicago bulls, But before both sides officially signed, Taylor asked for a separate meeting with Wiggins and you want to get a commitment from the young Chun was there.

"For me, since I am ready to give such a contract, Wiggins future team to make more contributions," said Taylor, "The team must improve, he has agreed the contract that performance must Be better than now ".

casquette lakers, Timberwolves this summer in foreign exchange transactions All-Star players - Jimmy Butler, in addition to the market introduction of the free agent of Jeff - Teague, Thailand - Gibson and Jamal - Crawford three veterans, the team already has and Break the wrist of a tyrannical western capital. Prior to Minnesota and Cleveland playmaker All-Star Owen flirting, there was news that they are willing to use as a trading chip in exchange Owen Wiggins, Wiggins at the same time with the contractual negotiations of the team are underway , Viking Adams said he deserved the maximum wage.

The sense of boss Taylor is clear performance,   casquette spurs, the future Wiggins to be worthy of this top salary, if both sides reach a formal contract agreement, maybe it means that Minnesota will no longer deal with Owen Wiggins. "So in the process of renewal negotiation, I offered to pay for it on top, and I also have to get its attitude and commitment, and that is to become stronger. "Said Taylor.

"I want to hear his message and more training in the summer, I think this is very important. If a player is a true superstar, he will really take care of them, casquette golden state warriors,  he is a commitment, I believe that Wiggins is a person he downs and has extraordinary talent, such a player is rare.